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Cell Phone Charms: Cute or Clutter?

Cell Phone Charms

More and more people are getting into having charms on their cell phones – it’s not just for little girls anymore! These additions are a great way to make your normally boring phone stand out, and bring some of your personality into the device. While it is a good way to personalize your phone and show off your interests, cell phone charms are getting a bad wrap these days, but is it for the right reasons? Keep reading and decide for yourself.

Cell Phone Charms

How Much is Too Much

While one or two charms makes your phone look cute and unique, it’s easy to get too many. Especially since there are so many charms available everywhere you go, it’s a definite possibility that you would end up collecting too many of them on accident. This turns a cute thing into a cluttered mess, and it stops being so adorable. Then it just looks like you can’t organize anything to save your life, not even your phone.

If you really want to have a lot of charms, then switch them out so it doesn’t become overwhelming. Besides, it can end up putting a lot of strain on your phone or phone case if you’re not careful. A couple of light charms add up over time and can create one very heavy lump of cuteness. The key here is knowing when to say when, and the importance of switching out the charms as you see fit.

Why Even Have Them?

Phone Charms

For a lot of people, having charms is a fun way to tell people about themselves without saying a word. For instance, a lot of character charms are made for phones. This way, you can have your favourite characters from cartoons, products, and all other manners of things acting as mascots on your phone. This can cheer you up a lot, and can be a good starting point for any conversation. It’s also a great way to lure in potential friends who have the same interests as you. This way of luring people it is much more subtle than trying to figure out what everybody’s into, so it’s much easier on people who are shy. They might be childish, but they can be a lot of fun if done in moderation.

Keeping Them From Getting Lost

If you’re going to keep charms on your phone, you need to be careful. They’re small and very easy to lose if you aren’t watching them closely. Since the cost of these little things definitely adds up over time, you don’t want to lose them. Many charms come with a plug that fits into the headphone jack. This is a good way to keep the charms on your phone, but you have to always be on guard because it’s only too easy for them to get yanked out of that hole and fall on the ground while you’re trying to put your phone away. To secure your charms better, hook them on your phone case instead. This way, they can’t get away without the case had broken, which you’re much more likely to notice.